Menu of Bufet Špindlerův Mlýn

We prepare fresh meals daily. Menu is till sold out.


Saturday 24.7.2021

Breaded camembert (100g) with pommes frites

145 Kč

Sunday 25.7.2021

Meat loaf (150g) with potato mash and pickled cucumber

145 Kč

Monday 26.7.2021

Chicken steak (150g) with camembert cheese, pommes frites

145 Kč

Tuesday 27.7.2021

Pork cuts (150g) roasted with garlic, roasted potatoes

145 Kč

Wednesday 28.7.2021

Fried minced meat balls with boiled potatoes and gherkin

145 Kč

Thursday 29.7.2021

Cream and dill sauce with beef (150g), dumplings

145 Kč

Friday 30.7.2021

Rolled beef stuffed with egg, speck and gherkin, boiled rice

145 Kč

Saturday 31.7.2021

Caesar salad (with chicken mear, bacon, croutons)

145 Kč

Sunday 1.8.2021

Chicken schnitzel (150g) with potato salad

145 Kč



Garlic broth with cheese and croutons

45 Kč

Tripe soup

55 Kč

Ready meals

Pork roasts (150g) with sauerkraut

155 Kč

Traditional Bohemian roasted beef (150g), vegetable creamy sauce

165 Kč

Blueberry dumpling (300g) with sour cream

119 Kč

Grilled chicken ¼

75 Kč

Grilled chicken ½

135 Kč

Grilled chicken whole

249 Kč

Meals to order

Breaded white fish fillet (150g)

135 Kč

Breaded edam cheese (150g)

135 Kč

Breaded edam cheese (150g) in burger roll

145 Kč

Chicken or pork schnitzel (150g)

155 Kč

Chicken or pork steak (150g)

155 Kč


Beef Burger

(beef (150g), cheddar cheese, bacon, tomato, lettuce, gherkin)

155 Kč


Vegetable salad with feta cheese

55 Kč

Cucumber salad

35 Kč


Pancake with fruits and sweet curd

49 Kč


Dumpling (1pc)

5 Kč

Potato dumpling (1pc)

5 Kč

Pommes frites

32 Kč

Potato puree

35 Kč


5 Kč

Roll, Bread

4 Kč

Pastry in breadbasket

15 Kč

Tartar sauce

 18 Kč


6 Kč


6 Kč

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